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More than half of the visitors to this site come here through searches in non-English languages. If they have been able to visit here as a result of those searches, it is thanks to a wonderful group of people all across Europe who have kindly and generously given their time and energy to translate various parts of the website in their own languages, even at times without knowing me at all.

So I want to give credits and heartfelt "thanks" to all the following people who have helped with translation :

  • Albanian : Anton
  • Armenian : Sevak
  • Belarusian : Ihar
  • Bulgarian : Anton
  • Croatian : Dražen
  • Czech : Viktor
  • Danish : Jan
  • Dutch : Gijsbert, Jan, Jean-Marc, Marelo, Rien, Robert, Sam
  • Estonian : Ago, Hanna, Heino
  • Finnish : Maarit
  • German : Angela, Anita, Claudia, Lukas, Melanie, Nikola, Peter, Stefan, Tobias
  • Greek : Haris
  • Hungarian : Daniel, Eva
  • Icelandic : Grétar, Herdís
  • Irish/Gaelic : Breandán, Tom
  • Italian : Salvatore
  • Latvian : Janis, Karlis, Ruta
  • Lithuanian : Jonas
  • Macedonian : Anton
  • Maltese : Chris
  • Norwegian : Danny, Ruben, Rune, Trygve
  • Polish : Mariusz, Szymon
  • Portuguese : Ide, Luís, Rui, Sergio
  • Romanian : Alina, Bogdan
  • Russian : Boris, Ihar, Iossi, Marina, Myroslava, Olga
  • Serbian : Nenad
  • Slovak : Erik, Mária, Patrik, Tomas
  • Slovene : David, Ivana, Pavel
  • Spanish : Giovanni, Luis, Lyda, Mariana
  • Swedish : Alex, Kristo, Lukasz, Morgan, Niko
  • Ukrainian : Boris, Myroslava, Roman
  • Welsh : Meredith

I would also like to thank all those of you who have pointed me to your welcoming churches, given me past research on churches, recommanded books, resources, shared your testimonies, and who have constantly offered me support through this project.
And lastly (but not least !), a very big thank you to my husband who has kindly given his time to come to my rescue when I have come across programming issues I couldn't solve myself.
THANK YOU, you are all making more difference than you know.

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